Empowering potentials

Emergency Care-Project

Food is a basic human need.

This basic need should be met. We provide basic food to people in Nepal so they can survive.


A large part of the population earns just enough to afford the food for the day. But what happens if, the country is in a total lockdown? People are starving.


It takes nine euros to provide a family of five with food for two weeks. Through donation campaigns, we are able to support and save many families.


We distribute food to the one in need. Our aid packages are arranged and distributed by our Nepalese team members. 

Our Main projects

The high diversity of our fields of action is reflected in our four major projects: Water, Recycling, Menstruation and Education.


An investement in the future


Empowering women to become independent


Green roads for the entire world


Saving lifes. Clean water for everyone

Our Partners

The collaboration with our versatile network all over the world is one of our key assets to realize our wide variety of projects.  

Our first steps

Over the years, we as NePals e.V. implemented various longlasting projects in order to improve the living conditions of those in need, followed by the goal of creating a brighter and sustainable future for all. In response to the devastating earthquake in Nepal in the spring of 2015, our first emergency aid programme took effect. With the collection of thousands of funds, we were able to provide Nepalese people immediately with necessary aid packages. Furthermore, we raised money to rebuild destroyed houses and managed a reconstruction plan in 2016. In the following year another project covered the implementation of a digital health system in a hospital in Nepal


First Aid and fundraising during the big earthquake back in 2015


Fund raising and house building management back in 2016


Conceptionalization of a digital management tool for a hospital in 2017