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As one of our first projects in Nepal, we enable children with poor financial opportunities to gain access to basic education. Herewith, we provide a perspective and the necessary tools for building a critical mind. According to our vision, education is the key to a self-determined life. Education offers an important future perspective for people all over the world and helps to fight poverty in a sustainable way.


Education is not a matter of course in Nepal. Only few Nepalese have access to proper educational institutions at all.


Education is a human right and a valuable asset that can create perspectives.


Education offers a future perspective for people all over the world and helps to fight poverty sustainably.


Education cannot be taken for granted in Nepal. Few Nepalese have access to educational institutions at all. In addition, there are immense differences in quality between different educational institutions in Nepal. Public and private institutions differ enormously, both in terms of equipment and in the quality of teaching. This makes it difficult for pupils from public schools or even prevents them from pursuing further education. Private schools, on the other hand, have a much higher level of education. This enables access to universities and colleges and a free choice of profession. Education inequality thus reduces equal opportunities for the population groups. Access to educational institutions is particularly difficult for women. Unfortunately, due to the high school costs of private institutions, a large part of the population is unable to send their children to a good school. They are denied the chance to find their own way.

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We have been working with the “Wise Vision School” in Nepal since 2017 and are currently supporting 19 pupils aged between five and 14 who can improve their chances and opportunities through good school education. The first students have already left school and broke into the job market, while others are attending university. They go their own, self-determined way.

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