Empowering women to feel comfortable with their nature

Menstruation is a natural process of the female body, which signals health and childbearing capacity. Every woman has a vital need to have access to menstrual products and information about the relationship between menstruation, sexuality and reproduction. Everyone has the right to be independent and self-determined without suffering from underlying hierarchies and restrictive practices. It is therefore unbearable to be considered untouchable and to be isolated because of a completely natural body function. Our vision is to help women live their lives in independence, self-determination and freedom of choice.


Women’s menstruation leads to social exclusion in Nepal.


Women should feel at peace with themselves and their environment.


Women in Nepal should have access to menstrual products and not be socially ostracized


In many economically weak countries like Nepal, girls and women struggle every month to manage their menstruation hygienically, safely, and with dignity. In the Far Eastern and Midwestern regions of Nepal, menstruating women are considered untouchable, dirty and impure due to cultural and religious traditions. They are isolated from their families for the duration of their period and have to live in extremely cold, poorly ventilated and unsanitary huts. In the rest of the country, restrictions are less severe, but the vast majority of Nepalese women are still discriminated during their period. Many women are not allowed to enter the kitchen or touch food. Many of the restrictive traditions are practiced despite the bans imposed by the Nepalese government in 2005 and 2017.

This negative stigmatization in combination with the lack of availability of menstrual products in many places means that the period for countless Nepalese girls and women becomes a monthly recurring degrading and undignified agony. Many women are forced to use unsanitary alternatives such as dirty rags, ashes or dry leaves every month. In Nepal there is little education in the biological processes of menstruation in schools, so girls have no choice but to follow the instructions of their mothers, who have also received no education about menstruation.

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Our Solution

Our mission is to produce an affordable and biodegradable hygiene sanitary pad that is made exclusively from local Nepalese materials. This pad gives women the opportunity to practice menstruation safely. By integrating women into the manufacturing process, we want to help them achieve economic independence. By using only local biodegradable raw materials, we strengthen the Nepalese economy and do not contribute to the problem of plastic waste caused by traditional menstrual products. Our goal is to overcome restrictive practices by providing women and men with information about the physiognomy of the female body, incidents during menstruation and safe methods of menstrual health management as part of a long-term awareness campaign.

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