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Since 2010, the access to clean drinking water has been manifested in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Due to the high contamination of groundwater and the lack of cost-effective alternatives, it is our goal to solve this problem and to improve the access to clean drinking water by working together with the Nepalese community. Until now, we already built a basic water supply in the south of Nepal with a sustainable, long lasting and self-empowering approach.


The groundwater in Nepal is contaminated with excessive amounts of bacteria, iron, ammonium and arsenic;. In the long term, these lead to serious health problems for the local population.


Everyone should have access to clean drinking water in an affordable way.


It is our goal to establish a large water network operated by the locals themselves, which provides even rural areas with fresh water.


Water quality is very poor in Nepal. The groundwater is mixed with heavy metals and bacteria. Many people do not have access to clean drinking water. They drink the contaminated groundwater. The consequences are serious illnesses and even death. Water supply is one of the basic needs and these are part of human rights. Nevertheless, the quality of the water in Nepal does not even come close to the WHO standards. A large number of NGOs have already tried to bring water treatment plants to Nepal and distribute purified water free of charge. In most cases, this approach was not practical in the long term. There was a lack of money to maintain the water filter machines and thus guarantee the water supply over a long period of time. The problem was the lack of financial independence for the filter system.

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Our Solution

In order to ensure the supply of clean water, we decided to build decentralized water filter systems in small, remote villages. Locations with heavy groundwater pollution are selected. The first water center was built in the Devgaun region in 2019. It ensures water treatment and supply for up to 7000 people and has been financially self-sufficient since day three. Thisworks in the following way: after the water treatment plant has been installed, the running costs as well as the maintenance costs are covered by the sale of the extracted water. The purchase price corresponds to only a third of the market price. This means that the water is also affordable for the population. Due to the use of solar panels, the project is also independent of external energy sources. Furthermore, the filters never have to be replaced due to a “backwash function” invented by one of our partners, Autarcon GmbH. The sale and business structures concerning the water center are monitored by a local NGO. The operation has been entrusted to a Nepalese woman. Through her independence, she acts as a role model for many women in the region. Together with her hired driver, she supplies local shops. For school the drinking water is provided free of charge. The project is also accompanied by training courses designed to raise awareness of the dangers posed by contaminated water. In the future, water treatment plants will be installed and put into operation at other locations. We are currently working on the construction of the second water center.

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